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Flood Damage Cleanup Service Tallahassee Florida

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We are a local and licensed restoration contractor in Florida. We provide 24/7 Disaster Cleanup For Storm Damage, Sewer Backups, Hurricane Damage, Flash Flooding, Fire and Water Damage

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In the wake of a storm or fire that leaves behind untold damage to property, be it residential or commercial, it could leave you feeling frustrated and at a loss for action. This is where emergency services like ours come in handy. We are a company that specializes in providing flood and fire restoring services to residents of your area. Our services are provided by technicians that have great expertise in handling such emergencies and minimizing damage to your building structures and property. The key is to contact us as soon as possible in order to plan efficiently and begin work right away.

Emergency Disaster Recovery Services – Water Removal – Drying and Mold Remediation

Once we have completed all formalities, a prerequisite to assessing the damage, we give you the total costs involved in undoing the damage. We undertake the following services.

In case of flooding due to a storm or leakage from broken pipes or water heaters we fix and repair them. We remove the water thus collected in your homes, basements, attics bathrooms and other spaces of your homes. We dry your walls and other structures. This is generally referred to as Mitigation, which is the first phase of any restoration project and enables a property to be cleaned and restored prior to the reconstruction or rebuilding phase.We extract water from carpets and make them dry and clean with the help of our industrial equipment like dryers and water extractors.

drying of barWe are working with special hygienists who know how to make your home mold free as you must be aware molds like to proliferate in humid places and can be a health hazard as they can spread lung diseases and allergies which in some cases have been proven to be even life threatening. We use dehumidifiers and special chemical sponges to eliminate traces of water.We dry your equipment books and documents and you can be assured we take care to keep all your belongings safe by listing each item and then packing them. We are a leading disaster recovery firm in your area, and will service any home or business located in Tallahassee, or in Leon County.

Flood Cleanup Services in Tallahassee Florida – Emergency Restoration Services

We also undertake post fire damage control that includes removing soot, smoke and replacing whatever is rendered useless by the fire. We also repair your electric wiring or replace it with new if necessary.We also perform sewage cleaning services just so that no sewage wastes fill your basements or emanate foul smells.We use hygienic methods to ensure that your home is free from any pollutants.

The Restoration Pros will work with insurance in order to keep it hassle free for you. Make sure you contact us as soon as the mishap occurs so that we could provide you with immediate response and relief and in turn this means being light on your wallet with no extra costs.

For any and all of your restoration needs, leave it to the professionals at the Restoration Pros of Tallahassee today at 800.692.7440

Tallahassee Police Department:
234 E Seventh Ave, Tallahassee, FL
Ph: (850) 891-4200

Tallahassee Fire Department:
911 Easterwood Drive, Tallahassee FL 32311
Ph: 850-606-6600

Tallahassee Public Works:
300 S Adams St, Tallahassee, FL
Ph: (850) 891-8197

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