How Should Property Owners Plan Before Hurricane Isaac Arrives

Floridians are currently distressed by the rapidly approaching Hurricane Isaac and need to begin taking protective action now. By rapidly following these few steps, you can safeguard your home and minimize the damage from this quickly approaching natural disaster.

First, removing anything on your property that is vulnerable to wind damage is a must. All freestanding objects in your back or front yard should be brought inside to a safe area and kept there until the hurricane has passed. Not only can objects be destroyed by leaving them outside during this hurricane, they can also be picked off the ground and cause even more damage to your household by flying into the house with strong force, breaking windows or possibly causing even more damage.
Also, you need to prepare to board up your windows with sturdy plywood before Isaac arrives to prevent any window damage to your home. By boarding up, you can be assured that your glass windows will be much better off and this will also prevent any windows from breaking and causing any outside debris to fly into the house and cause disaster inside.

Making sure that you have safety devices and a list of emergency contacts is a must. Before Isaac arrives, you need to stock up on non-perishable food products and essential survival tools such as flashlights and batteries. Purchasing a radio is essential because of the power outages that will most likely occur due to strong wings. It would also be wise to have a charged cell phone ready for use with emergency numbers in case anything takes a turn for the worst. By having your safety kit ready, you can minimize and damage that occurs to you or your home if anything is to actually happen.

Keeping your outside trees and shrubs trimmed and neat is actually another preventative step to protect your household. Flying branches and bark can be very damaging to your household siding and should therefore be completely trimmed before Isaac hits the area. Make sure that all of your household doors are securely locked with every lock being put to use in order to prevent a door from flying open and possibly damaging your household siding. Make sure that all garage and shed doors are locked as well to prevent those from being vulnerable to Isaac’s strong winds as well.

Keeping yourself safe and prepared during the approaching Hurricane Isaac is essential for the protection of your property. By taking these couple of steps and being prepared and ready for any possible risks brought on by this hurricane, you can minimize any damage to your household and protect your family during the storm.

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